Be able to trade with others, as trading skins and coins.
Codergautam skin for 2M coins. Accept?
I give 2M coins for codergautam skin.

Kinda like roblox, except you trade skins and coins.


ooooh i like that idea

That’s what I said;(

Oh sorry I never saw it ig

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yes, sounds interesting

How about giving others coins? I think trading skins would be pointless


K, i will do that

right now i’m adding a thing where you can throw your sword… its so fun lmao

ooh fun


we need value tho, exactly like roblox


gifting coins is a bettter idea.

i like that too

I still think powerups and health around the arena wouls be cool. I also think that there should be mapsnand yje maps chajge see aily. Like maybe one day a map with walls that richotche when u thro sword so u can hit urwelf and the next day a map with landmines that switcu around evertime someone is killed.

@CosmicWarlord Good idea, might take him a little while tho.

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