what about having a tournament where users can compete with each other?


seems kinda cool

Good idea but there is should be separate server without bots, classes and 37 lvl automatic

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it is a good idea be a good way for pepole to get beater

would it be 1v1?
or brakets

i think brackets is a good idea

like 4 players battling

yess im better then @dev3x and the biggest noobs @ANGEL @Acol are nubs

bruh I’ve killed you like 100x

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And Imagine not being in the top 3 or even recognized for doing smth couldn’t be me dev3x or acol

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bestplayer what rank are you?

They probably rank 0-

idk how do i check

go to profile on the menu

then come in the usa servers RN

click your username

then what

go to profile

oh i see

no. i have killed you so many times.

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