Top 20 yawn and a school project to do 😐

I finally got top 20 but got some homework so I may not grind tomorrow and be less active but hey top 20!:partying_face::partying_face::partying_face:


go zaroomaaaaaaa :partying_face: :tada:

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dms bro

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your ranger?

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i thought u are zarooma in game, not ranger

I changed my name to kill my friends (:

Just ask them (:

Yea I saw tosti call you pro

Did u kill me?

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Well no I didn’t kill you I can’t do that lol angel found out right away I had to tell dev and acol you all pretty much massacre me angel just had fun doing it to

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u betrayer…

I killed u ez
When ur plan backfores…
Btw i always knew u were ranger. Just pretended i didnt so i cud kil u. Backfired plan be like

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Your welcome

Yea I knew I would have trouble there but my main problem recently has Ben getting tripled teamed or more I got teamed by 6 people and I only had 100k like what the heck. But also how did you know because you seemed to know right when you saw me

hey babe

Woooooooo nice one!

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ha lol

Good job

I played more games than u but still iam 84th :rofl: