Tigerlizzy unjust forum suspension

Tigerlizzy was falsely banned from the forum. Anyone know why?

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Cheating in sword battle?
That’s my guess.

nah, they didnt. thats the weirdest part

yeah gautam fond her hacking just like manny so now she is banned


Lizzy did not cheat Manny played on his account thats how he got banned

No way…
why would she do smth so stupid…


yeah manny hacked her acc apparently

aparently i didnt htink so eithrer

I can confirm tht I was playing at the time when manny was playing on her acc


well maybe we can get gautam to understand

yeah she deserves unban


tiger says thanks for the vouch

ik what happend

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poor tiger

not like lizzy was using the hacks to get more coins or xp

Honestly she doesn’t, if she can’t properly take care of her own account. She doesn’t deserve a unban, look at the evidence she only got banned b/c of her own foolishness.

I have unbanned her temporarily, I am 99.9% sure that she does use the hacks and she asked Manny for it. Manny is banned permanantly, but Tiger does have a chance to redeem herself.


I appreciate your gracefulness. I’m sure she does as well, and she does not strike me as one to hack. Thank you for your astute moderation.

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I fully endorse a permanent ban if she strikes out again.

thxthx thx, ill tell you the whole story now i that a can talk

so i watch Manny’s YT videos, he said first to comment gets to become mod. Idk it was to be hacking or cheating , plus, using the code, he found out my password and everything. Im angry at him for tricking me into using the code and making me get banned