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In This Topic u could share your overall thoughts about the game so far, maybe some future update ideas, rate the game out of 10( i would give a fat 10/10), and maybe some ideas for the game.

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i wanted to vote 10 but decided not to because that would mess up the vote

I say 9 star, there should really be a max level or something because every time I join I cant even move unless its 9PM EST. But ofc I will rate it 10 bc im kind

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I really hope gautam wins kajam,


yeah me too, i want gautam to win

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i put a 9 because it is amazing and really fun, but it could be a bit more polished. Great game!

if it doesnt win best game, it will prob win best story or most creative

wdym you can’t even move

People kill you instantly when you join

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Screenshot 2022-07-07 8.27.15 AM

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@codergautam I think the game should have a time limit so we can know if red or blue won and also when u die u don’t go to the home page instead you’re on the page where you have to pick the red o blue team. And if i want to change my name i would have to refresh th page, u may fix that, its not really a big problem though.

I think there shouldn’t be team selection. It should automatically put you on the team with least players. Great game though.


yeah this was a hard decision

the main thing is should people be put in the same team again when they respawn? even if it has more players?

then people can’t switch teams?

I think they’ll probably want to be in the same team. Because they’d want to continue the battle and try to defeat the other team

If you add accounts, would swordbattle and spicywar accounts be the same?

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Yeah i think and spicywar should have linked accounts

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no, in my opinion thats the most stupidest thing in the entire world (sorry not sorry)

Why? Xp would obviously be different, you just keep the same username and password. Also, they could be linked together in the future if Gautam creates more online games and possibly a dashboard/hub for them.

i will be honest

i dont think i will add accounts for spicywar

spicywars is mid