This was supposed to be a field trip post but now it is discussed about transportation systems... wow

Ny does

I understand your perspective, but I can offer a counterargument against your point about taxes and public transportation in Canada:

  1. Taxation and Public Services: While it is true that Canada has higher tax rates compared to some other countries, it’s important to consider what those taxes fund. Canada’s tax system helps support a comprehensive social welfare system, including universal healthcare, affordable education, and a robust social safety net. These services contribute to a higher standard of living for many Canadians and help create a more equitable society.

Moreover, higher taxes can also lead to better public infrastructure, such as roads, bridges, and public transportation systems. These investments in infrastructure contribute to the overall quality of life in Canada by providing efficient transportation options, reducing traffic congestion, and promoting sustainable mobility.

  1. Public Transportation: Canada does have a decent public transportation system in many major cities. For example, cities like Toronto, Vancouver, and Montreal have well-developed transit networks that include buses, subways, and light rail systems. These systems play a crucial role in reducing traffic congestion, improving air quality, and providing affordable transportation options for residents.

New York train system: Doesn’t have an accurate schedule, if you want to go to NJ you need to go off the train walk to another station and take a tube.
London train system: 1 system basically takes you everywhere though it has flaws (idk bc I’ve never actually visited London except when I was a teeny tiny baby)
Tokyo: Do I have to say anything? They have the best interconnection in the world it can sustain a city with a population of more than a whole CONTINENT and they have one of the most accurate times in the world only matched with Swiss trains. People are MAD if the train arrives 2 MINUTES LATE. Also btw they have the fastest trains in the world interconnecting the whole country and they are planning to go more speeeeed with maglevs basically replacing planes in areas they are implemented. :shoot: :guitar: Also btw only 12% of people have cars in Tokyo and in NYC there is 45%. If you want to go to Albany NY from NYC NY You probably want to take a car there because it is more flexible, ore private etc. but if you want to go to Tokyo to Nagoya which is around 50 miles longer the car time is around double the train time!! you really think NYC still has a decent system?? I mean metro is 6/10 not horrible but if you want to go to another major city it will take reaaaly long to the point where car is faster

I agree :saluting_face:

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this is going off topic

I agree but still canada has pretty bad public transit compared to other countries :+1: but that’s because that’s longer

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shhhhh we don’t talk about that

yea it’s def not the best in the world but still pretty decent imo

Also what about Chicago, wash dc, La, or Boston? They also have pretty advanced systems too.

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