This rip-off of Minecraft made by an 11-12 year old

i make videos with his website

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I watched you its me Flamingsword2v and aspect

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oh ok nicee!


Bro TOS say you have to be 13 and above on replit

i’m pretty sure he’s older now


Well the initial version of MineKhan was made by a grown man on Khan Academy using processing. He later changed it to HTML-based (Still on khan academy). He then put a version on his website that he continued to update for a while. After then, the project was abandoned.
The version you linked here was a fork. It refined MineKhan and continued to add more features.


true, forgot to mention that

I know a better version of minecraft but us 1.5.2(cracked)
But it has servers mods plug-ins and more

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yeah, eaglercraft
but it doesnt have mods

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