This is fine

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Lol sad the game is dying

I don’t get it…

Look at ping

Oh, I see!

I feel really dumb now…

np lol

How? It has the same players aka 14. It always had 14-20 players. It never went to max unless someone botted it.

Probably on his end

cause thats where I get like 50K ping lol

My typical EU ping is around 0-200. (I live in England.)


Nice my eu ping is like 300 since i live in the us

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Big oof

I get around 14ms on USA unless I use a VPN

It does? I have measures of storing ips. Who are you to say that

Oh, sorry. I didn’t see any IP loggers in the code.

well i have a external server running to monitor ips, due to obvious reasons