The Next ArtBattle

Next ArtBattle signups are now live!
starts June 1st!
Prizes include 5 million swordbattle coins and the unique forum title “ArtBattle Champion.” Manage doesn’t want to judge anymore apparently, and Vaccaria won’t be around, so I guess I’m the only judge for this one.

ArtBattle Sign-Ups
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Admittedly, there were a LOT of mistakes in the first artbattle…bracket issues, scoring problems, a lot of things were very unclear, especially rules and etc.

However moving forward you can rest assured I will make none of these mistakes again in the future!

From this point on, look forward to extensive explanation of what the rules are, what to do, and what will happen if you fail to follow them.

Time Concerns

Additionally, I understand not everyone has time to complete the rounds due to other concerns; in response to this each person will get one time extension per ArtBattle, should they choose to use it. This time extension will be two days past the deadline. Note that this extension should be used ONLY if absolutely necessary, because if you use it unnecessarily, it wastes everyone’s time.

Due to the fact that other people are all waiting, the deadline will not be extended any further than two days.

Also, we will be utilizing the scoring system which was used in the final round of the first artbattle!

Note that it will no longer be one-on-one matches! No competitors will ever be “eliminated” throughout the competition!

Each round, competitors will receive points based on the following catagories:

Idea (Creativity): 10 points possible
Execution (Results): 10 points possible
Enhancement (Shading, cleanness, line quality): 10 points possible
Overall Score: 10 points possible

Total points possible: 40 points possible

Whoever has the most points at the end wins!
Note that this will apply for every round, no matter what you create!


Can i judge :pleading_face: :pray:

I might be able to participate. I’m not sure I will though. Stupid schools gonna take my iPad. I don’t wanna sign up and not do it.

Same here I’m with million jelly

Carter you go to the same school as me, ur gonna. Los pe ur iPad too


People, please only sign up if you’re sure you can make it for the whole challenge. Note that you only get one extension, and the artbattle lasts a little over a month, so please think about that.

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Heh heh heh >:)

Ig im joining

Only 9 entries so far, a week and a half to go! If no one else signs up before june 1st I will unfortunately have to cancel…

frumpy im super bad at making skins so could i just be a judge instead

did’nt faraway flame quit

and a couple other people

Sorry but no

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I would, but im temporarily leaving forum for the summer around June 15ish.

Wait f- sorry can you remove me I just realised when it starts, I don’t have much free time by then. Summer!!

Just click “show vote” then remove vote
Also yeah I can’t do it either

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oke thanks!!

please sign up :frowning:

Can I be a judge? @frumpy