the forum war/revolution

because they are bad at pvp …

we never 1v1

we only saw each other in game once

I’m ok at pvp…

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pretty sure i beat you once, unofficially

I normally refrain from attacking forum people, but no more! NO MERCY.

i have only played with you once and for a few mins we grind but then you left we never fought

same that is why i changed my name i want to keep my team small

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what about me king hm I beat u

These days were much more fun which is probably because everything is new and wasn’t tested out after all theres only so much you can do

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Currently we only have one member :sob::pensive: (me)

You’re actually alive?!

isn’t this from 5 months ago?

He came back

which revolution won in the end?

Gautams. Mitblade did not get 100 followers by the end, and was pretty outnumbered from what I remember.

Imo it just sorta died out while mitblade did have a ton of new people who were quite good most of the original player base stuck with gautam