The Boss

An enemie(maybe dragon) that spawning in the middle of the map every 30 minutes, attacks players by fire from his mouth, melee attack have very high knockback, on kill drop many coins β€”
The Boss:
Speed: 0.5 - moving to the nearest player
HP: 800 - Okay lets 1.00x damage of max level player will deal 1 HP, cuz i dont even know how HP even works ingame
==Melee: 0.85x
==Distance: 0.1x - It should works like flamethrower that damage over the time
Regen speed - 0.1 HP/s
Regen wait time: None
Scale: A little smaller then Samurai on ability
Attack cooldown:
==Melee: 2.5
==Distance: Attacks for 10 seconds then 5 seconds cooldown
Knockback resistance: 7.5
Coins drop: 40-50k

Every 30 seconds The boss spawns 5 small(dragons?) enemies
Mini bosses:
Speed: 1.2
HP: 30
Damage: 0.35x
Regen speed: 0 - Can’t be regenerated
Scale: 0.7 - of max level player
Attack cooldown: 1.5
Knockback resistance: 2
Coins drops: 1k
#If 5 mini boss doesnt died after 30 seconds the wont be spawned( so if 2 has last then 3 will be spawned)

Maybe you guys can do it more balanced and/or make sprites of it, im waiting for your opinion!



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I like this idea, this may be added in the future


Also maybe The boss should have an ability like Burst Flame that easy to dodge but deals 5x damage and you starts to burn. cd 15 seconds


there should be a thing were the clan able to kill it in the least amount of time gets a certain amount of coins (or perhaps a really cool skin only available this way)

nice idea but we have dragon skin so maybe smth different???

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maybe we could have a gauatam final boss, just a pic of gauatams face on a circle and has a computer sword


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