Swordbattle V2 | Researched

So everyone Nows That Gautam made an Announcement for swordbattle V2

he only mentioned there would be less lag and a few other stuff

and @Hue SHowed as an Example Of The New SB V2 map and it looks excellent

They Havnt been that much more Sneek-Peeks like that in a while

The Day Swordbattle V2 is released everyone will be playing it
(might even make it more popular)

And Swordbattle isn’t going to just to be made by @gautam by himself
Swordbattle will be made by The Community
It will not only be @gautam it will be US

The More Ideas you give, The More astounding it will be

Swordbattle V2 will be made By Us! The Community!

And Now…
What People Will Expect From Swordbattle V2

Everyone is thinking about Swordbattle V2 because of the No Lag
But there will be more than just “No Lag”

  • Players are Expecting Smoother Tighter Gameplay
  • Players are Expecting World Country Map
  • Players Are Demanding New Skins and New Upgrades

Everyone Reading this is Probably agreeing with these Expectations
And I also agree with them btw

SB Skin Creators

Swordbattle V2 probably won’t come with new skins maybe
so that means the Skin Creators Like @Octopi_Slapadabass and @frumpy

“Could” be Working On Sb V2 skins right now in private
everyone is gonna be excited and everything :smiley:

Swordbattle V2 Chest, Upgrades, and Coins

So I did I bit of research and Swordbattle chests are already being made @Angel

Maybe @frumpy’s helping or not? idk


That’s All I can Find About Swordbattle V2 right now


I feel like a map isn’t necessary but would be nice sort of how we have lore for the General chat

bro how did you forget about manage’s idea :sob:



idk, but edit my thing in or leave it be as a solution

Smh I think I have enough pressure already for features…


Delete the #askcommunity tag from your post and unsolve the post

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I can confirm, No world country map


bro you’ve been working on it since october

i think it is justified if we have high expectations

I like how it is a Community thing that is officially unofficial

I think u gotta understand, you’re asking a single Man to code over 2k lines, jugle school and go to India for v2………


And I’m sure he has relatives over at his house since I’ve seen a pattern with Tamil people being chatty


doesn’t he have helpers?

Nope not a single one

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When is mit gonna change his name

Bro what you mean the community is making it? Have you even seen the code? Enough pressure on the poor man

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Besides the map hue made wasnt for v2. U didnt do correct research

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you surly don’t understand what i mean