Swordbattle isn’t working

I went to swordbattle.io but the only thing I saw was a blank screen.
Can someone tell me the link of swordbattle.io?

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You wait when you enter the link

swordbattle.io is the official link, but here is another that works

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@twofoursixeight @Octopi_Cosmos When I press the link it finishes loading instantly (and it still shows a blank screen)

What device are you using?


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It works on that platform

what type of ipad ,ipad air?

And if it is old probably thats why

It’s a normal iPad
Edit: it’s version 16.4 but I got it when it was version 14 or something

when did you buy it?

2 years ago

Woah. Well age can’t be th reason.

Have you tried refreshing the page?

Just wait, reload page or try to use vpn, it happen times to times, no reason to make 1000th topic about the game not working.