• Kills should give 300 per one.
  • Old player’s nickname should be able to see in “()”. Like - Name(Old name).
  • Add stabs/playtime leaderboard/graph alredy Gautam…
  • Leaderboards should show 100 players instead of 23.


  • Why 300xp isn’t that a bit too much?

  • Yes but the current way I have the name changing it’s not possible but I can fix that. What if they change name multiple times?

  • Not sure about stabs leaderboard but I will add a playtime leaderboard/graph

  • Yes i can change this fairly easily


Gautam do you got school?


  • Look, for example I have 80m+ and from this all, kills is only 2m+

  • Then - Name(name2, name3, etc).

  • What wrong with stabs?

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Wouldn’t that increase the game lag by a lot @gautam ?

  • I guess that makes sense sure I can do that

  • Maybe there could be a button that says “Show name history”

  • Well I mean I can still add it but I don’t want to have so many leaderboards XP is basically a combination of stabs and coins

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I mean, it should show stabs count, not xp from this.

Ok I will see

Update today? : )


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The best update was 8 months ago…