Small collab 1: pokemon

obv this won’t happen, but I’m going to make a sb pkmn, if you want to make some too, you can.

I’ll prob start on writing it’s stuff soon, so stay tuned

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Swattle appears as a tan ball (gold when shiny) holding a simple sword battling sword (gold when shiny)

Type: Fighting

Pokedex entry: Swattles are known for their love of battling, they’d never decline a battle!


HP: 83

Attack: 94

Defence: 49

Sp. attack: 90

Sp.Defence: 61

Speed: 54

Total: 440


Swight appears as a knights helmet that is brown when shiny, it has a dark grey sword, which doesn’t change when shiny

Type: Fighting-Steel

Pokedex entry: Swights are champions who have beat several professional swordfighters, only battling the worthy


HP: 93

Attack: 114

Defence: 59

Sp. attack: 110

Sp.Defence: 71

Speed: 84

Total: 540

Improvements soon

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Go! Defaultra!


Defaultra used die to a bot! It’s not very effective…

Defaultra fainted!


I love this!

go (old) dragonchu

enemy used ur a waste of money that everyone wants to buy just to look cool

dragonchu fainted from emotional damage

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You lost 50k coins
You dashed to the loading screen
You used clan privileges — VMMMMM
You gained 2.5 m coins!!
You bought the microwave skin
Defaultra is evolving…
Defaultra evolved into Microwaveto!!!

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