In some levels you can choose a skill, like dash, healing, stun, or deals some more damage, threw more swords. Each player has only a max of 2 skills, and some skills are better and need to be unlocked by more levels.


Dash skill:

Throw many swords skill:

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there are already evols

u mean evolution?

thts what evols is

just more skills to be plentiful and fun

more evols will come out

perhaps @codergautam will add powerups. Hes really busy tho. he hasn’t check forum tod yet

u mean more kind of evolutions?

yes… some thing after tank and assassin obv

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sorry because i’m not an American so my grammar sucks

oh i dont car abt grammar. even this post ain’t using grammar. I was just organizing it so the ideas would be more clear and inviting


dash is already used for berserker’s.