Astronaut Sword Samurai Sword Astronaut

Samurai Space AstronautSamurai Space Astronaut

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Skin looks amazing! (The sword needs some work tho)

Yeah, i agree lol

I don’t know why i rushed the sword, i should re-do it

Did you draw the skin?

yes, the skin is what i worked on the most. It took me about 1/2 days


Maybe, i should delete the post and re-do the sword

It looks amazing. Both sword and skin.

do you think that i should re-do the sword then or just leave it as is? heres the sword
Samurai Sword Astronaut


I think it would look better if the sword had a space theme added to it

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Looks great

or, i could make a space rock and put that as the sword

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Ur choice

Love the skin btw

Looks amqzing

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Arn’t you and angel both moderators?

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Thanks alot!

Yes. So i can see how the post was before u took out the skin

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If i don’t edit my sword do you think it would have a good chance atleast getting into the game with the skin and the sword?