Should @Octopi_Slapadabass take a break?

Hey no talking about the rides we went on… They can guess the approx area we live using that info

He should take a break and touch grass!

I get my daily dose of grass touching, don’t worry. I go for walks every day.


Someday we will meet, perhaps :frog:

I like cycling and walking its very convenient in Britain

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:L sad that we don’t have that here bikes don’t exist here (which of course is a joke but biking is more of a sport than a transportation method)

But bikes are so fast. Plus I would only use them if im in a hurry otherwise I just walk

Everytime I see this post on my thread I feel YES TAKE A BREAK (just wanted to let you know)

Heh heh heh

:< please during the summer spend less time on it

I’ll have no choice, I go to camp late June through early July and phones or electronics aren’t allowed (oh yeah btw gautam if you can get someone to cover for me during that time that would be great, sorry about that.)

Oh oh me me :raised_hand:

me too

Lol that’s gautams choice

also I just reacntly got tl2 :innocent:

I won’t be active during the summer anyways

Same for me.

even slap said no

I think Yes