Sb is blocked for me rip vul

ik u guys made unblocker tips or sites but those are slow anyone got a fast working one?

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Well first I will make a list of links:

And then there is the proxy I set up.
And a few other options, but they are going to be too slow. Hopefully this helps.
(Also I made this a wiki so other people can add links to it if they want)

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sadly all of these are blocked

These are probably going to be blocked for an insecure site (tk and gq) so I recommend a VPN

urbanvpn (Unlimited)
protonvpn (Limited)

ProtonVPN (unlimited)


this comment section is sponsored by nord vpn :moyai::moyai::moyai:

literally every youtuber

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here try this

hey @Octopi_bread when I click your proxy this comes up
Screenshot 2023-01-12 8.07.13 AM

try again, should be fixed

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