Rune system that gonna change the game

Runes is the new game mechanic that allows you to choose features that affect on your playstyle!

How I think it should work -
You will be able to choose ONE rune in special “Rune selector” to play with it
The choosed rune is activates automaticly when you hit 5000 coins and you can change it for the next time only once you die
You can choose no rune and play as you played before of course
Some “interesting runes” can be payed but that dont means that they give you more previleges then free runes.

There is a list of runes that show you what I mean. They not very balanced but can be corrected!

Rune of The Spear God

+ You throw spear that 1.5x of the sword size
+ You can attack with sword on throwing
+ Throwing damage increased by 50%
+ Throwing knockback increased by 25%
+ Throwing range increased by 10%
- No speed boost on throw
- Throwed sword doesn't pierce enemies
- Throw cooldown is 15% longer
- Damage decreased by 20%

Rune of The Vampire Soul

+ Every hit you deal heals you by 10%
- HP decreased by 50%
- You can't heal yourself any other way

Rune of The Bulwark

+ HP increased by 100%
+ The knockback is fixed against you
+ Throwing range increased by 50%
- Speed decreased by 25%
- Damage decreased by 25%
- Throwing damage decreased by 25%
- Throwing don't push enemies 

Rune of the Last Chance

+ On death you resurrect with buffs(for 10 seconds), can't be hit and can't hit enemies for 10 seconds(Working once per game):
  = Full health
  = speed increased by 200% 
- all stats decreased by 15%
- Ability cooldown of every class is 33% longer

Rune of The True Pacifist

+ You deal 2x damage to chests
+ HP increased by 50%
+ Speed increased by 25%
+ Throw knockback increased by 50%
+ Caused damage to the chest = coins that only you can pick up frоm the chest
+ Throw cooldown is 10% faster
- You deal 0 damage to players
- You can't pick up coins from dead players
- Bad stats gonna work from 0 coins

Rune of the Blood Panic

+ You have no regeneration cooldown
+ You regenerate insanely fast(7.5%/sec)
+ Every 5% of your losed hp gives you +2% move speed
+ Move Speed increased by 5%
- HP decreased by 75%

Is the speed increase on death for Rune of the Last Chance permanent or temporary?

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It says for 10 seconds
The main feature is that you can avoid death


Ok, it was not super clear.

Sorry, Ill fix it

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Thank you very much.

That’s sorta cool.

Thanks! Like it to show Gautam that you want it to be added


Nice idea, I like it.

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i like it maybe you beginning what rune you use a beginning of game also the revive one should have you be put back at like yellow health or else to op so like a secondary skill maybe this could be like also i can tell hamm would love this for lore


Hmm, I dont really now, the last rune was more like experemental idea, not sure that it very useful


i dont get it

I only think that for the first rune you gonna throw the spear from the left hand or smth


I really like the idea it would be really cool to see new PvP tactics


Im sorry for my grammar : (


My idea was to create “throw based” Playstyle, it would be very interesting


yes it would be i can already see bread raging in chat about sword throwing again lol


Maybe it should also be less hp and speed then normal hmmmm


@gautam I see you like it, what can you say?


cool! any chance this will be added?

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