Run zaroomie hehe

come here

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  • Zarooma dead
  • No chance

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Well I guess you’ll gonna make me grind again (:

warning i gained 1M last time I was betrayed

Please beat me, I wanna someone make me run :sob:


Limit yourself to one-two hours a day that will probably force your combat and strategy to get better since you have less time to grind every day.


One time I gain 1 mil in one day so you crawl back down and let me be and fix my sleep or else I shall grind like I used to

thats because you play sword whenever you have time


Fair but this is fall break so I have more time :smiling_imp:

Also I’m nearly 3 mil ahead of you

hehe on what hm

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oh yeah xp hehehe

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oh also gtg dip

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Hey still comeing for me I know have 4 mil more xp thank you for making me try again (:

1 mil in how many days?

No one cares zarooma shush

NOT being mean i think :l


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Your not just proving he won’t beat me

its sad it took you almost 300 days to get 19 mill

I didn’t play for around 100 of them look at my account