Rover and Kermit - A short AI story for FabulousCorn

Once upon a time, in a far-off jungle, there lived a small, green frog named Kermit. Kermit loved jumping from lily pad to lily pad and singing to his heart’s content. Despite having a few friends, he often felt lonely and longed for a companion.

One bright and sunny morning, as Kermit was hopping by a nearby field, he heard barking in the distance. Hearing the commotion, he quickly hopped towards the sound and found a brown dog named Rover, who had lost his way.

Kermit approached Rover and asked him, “What’s wrong? Can I help you with something?”

Rover replied, “I have lost my way and have no idea how to get back home.”

Kermit sympathized with Rover and offered to help him find his way home. As they journeyed through the woods, Kermit and Rover grew closer, sharing stories and getting to know each other better.

Kermit soon realized that Rover was more than just a companion - he was a friend. They spent countless hours together playing, singing, and exploring the jungle.

Eventually, Rover found his way back home, and although Kermit was sad to see him go, he knew that they would always be the best of friends. And when Kermit felt lonely, he would remember all the good times they had shared.

From then on, Kermit was never truly alone in the jungle, for he knew he had a true friend in Rover.


Are these frogs?

no rover is a dog



is bootiful btw frumpsicle