Roman Empire

This might be a monarchy but we treat our citizens pretty well, we get a good variety of resources our nation has a balanced economy without military for the most part here is our stats
Stats: Army: 25
Navy: 25
Aerial: 20
defenders: 5
resources per day: 25
From the mass amount of jungle we get a large amount of wood, and water from the rivers we get a variety of animals from the plains such as cows, buffaloes, sheep, horses,
and hopefully, Hue will agree to add a black gem forest because of our use of magic
Our nation is open to join!

Do you wannna be our colony @canada ruled by the monarch and run by the beaver riding mooses holding guns?

nah Iā€™m being independent thanks for the offer though.

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Ok come to general lets have a little talk :shoot:

This is why yā€™all canā€™t trust britannia smh

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they wanna send angel after me :sob:

what @Wasd is an extremely trustworthy person!! I only use threats when it is necessary!!

Iā€™m changing my name

And you always use threats. I tried allying with Britannia cause Wasd was nice, but you just started manipulating me

Bad cop good cop? using one ā€œgoodā€ person and using one ā€œbadā€ person?

wanna ally slap?

He already is with us >:)


hey scp are we allied?

yes we are

Yeah sure

Would you be willing to join an alliance with us called the commonwealth? This alliance will be like a sphere of prosperity giving happiness and protection to all that wish to join

Penguinā€™s prob gonna scam you

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Yea but as co-leader I can ensure you will be fine