I only started coding because of high school but its pretty cool how you make a computer speak so easily .
I’ve only started python but if you do code I want to know what you think of

It’s pretty good I guess, I’m not a big fan of the IDE but I like the community features.

Same I love the community
Bur what do you prefer then?

Replit is good and annoying, sometimes I cant access my replit. And I have hacker but it says I dont sometimes. Like bro-

I think Replit is amazing if you’re learning/using a language like Python. For beginners it comes with everything you need. When you start using other tools and are making more complex projects you might want to adopt a desktop editor like JetBrains editors or Microsoft’s Visual Studio Code(VSC).

Most developers use VSC because it’s open-source and has a vast library of extensions. However, quite a lot of developers also use JetBrains IDEs. JetBrains IDE’s are proprietary, and most require a paid license. However, if you’re a student you can get a free license via GitHub’s Student Developer Pack.

TLDR: Stick with Replit for getting started. It’s really good and they’ve added a lot of new features recently that are really useful. But it really depends on what sort of projects you’re going to be doing in the future. Personally, I use VSC for almost all of my projects. If I’m doing something with Java, then I’ll use a JetBrains IDE but I find that they hog way too much memory and slow my computer down.

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Thanks for the advice I’ll stick to it!