Rate my Masterpiece...

Ok so I made a AAA game its very cool, pls rate. :wink:
Linky to game

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needs some work


This is what i have to suffer with

I kinda like it. It almost reminds me of a game I used to play when I was younger.


doo doo

Yeah. It got blocked by my school. They blocked snake, the dinosaur game, minesweeper…


its blocked so im rating 5/5


Good job. I don’t even remember the first game I made in javascript. The oldest one I have is this, but I’m not sure if it was the first one or not.
I see you’ve used vanilla javascript, finally someone else!!! Everyone I see uses phaser or another game engine, but I prefer vanilla js. It is good to learn with vanilla anyways so you understand js better.
(Also, if you make a few adjustments, your game could be snake!!!)


ik, i was lazy so i just publicized it instead of finishing it.
might add to it later…


Colored, is there a high score for this game? I’m genuinely addicted to your game now.


try to use google translate on the webpage link maybe?

I’m halfway to 1000 heheheheeheh

its about to get way harder :wink:

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good i got 900

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