Random Idea that i made

A swordbattle world cup.
Basically some of the best Sb players (top 100) would Compete in a tournament every year, to determine the best Swordbattleio player.
This is just an idea.


If this get enough likes and reply’s I may even host one, Or someone else can

Cool idea


Not enough active players to make it, in my toughts it would be more better if there will be countries tournament, but gautam dont even wanna to show countries ingame : (


Maybe when the games bigger because I doubt there are people from all countries plus who would choose who represents each country.

Although it would be really cool to watch something like that!

We dont need all countries, 4-6 will be enough for the first time(I really wonder is there any russian natives in top 100, not count mayer)

Oh, yeah i should take account if anybody’s is from a country besides the us, and if we get 4, I will think about making this a reality.

So list your country if you want to participate in the wc, Ill go first(its not like i will make it but)

Gautam should store player countries : )


Yea that would be cool like you said a little flag next to the name would be nice

True not every sport event had every country

There is not sport in the world that had EVERY country, there is a lot of small islands

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I never thought of that actually

creep wants to try to find me


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where you live putty tat?

represent any country lmao?

yeah only mayor and u live in russia that i know of maybe u can tell ur friends to start playing?