Questions For CoderGautam

  1. what was the date of release
  2. what did you use to make the game
  3. what was the android release date
  4. what would you consider the genre of the game
  5. was the game for a jam



@Codergautam will you answer this, i do want to know when and how came to be

date is the first account check his account and days

i can answer some not the first but sometime last year
he uses phaser js node js at the moment but for v2 he will use typescript and more
it was made for kajam i think
others i dont know

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Incorrect, accounts came 2-3 months after release date.


no acounts did not come for awhile i played before them so that is not accurate

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Hope he replies to this, really do hope

For the genre, fighting? Or maybe pvp?
Coder probably knows.

Here? Le genre?

1: November 2021 (I am 99.9998% sure)
2: PhaserJS, SocketIO, NodeJS
3: Mar 22, 2022
4: Sword fighting, PVP, (but this is mostly for gautam)
5: KaJam 2021 (replit)


Dang I was really close to playing for the whole time I joined in the fall

I got the Replit link at the right time XD