found this glitched guy
and i can go through him
Screenshot 2022-09-12 7.37.33 PM
Screenshot 2022-09-12 7.37.23 PM


It happens

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ye thats ur attitude at it until he starts hitting you :skull:

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it’s a glitch that player is already dead but for some reason your computer didn’t recieve the message that he died, so he still shows up on your screen

I tried to fix this a while ago but I can’t reproduce it (basically there’s no exact way to make this happen). It just happens randomly. If anyone figures out how to make this happen every single time pls tell me and I will take a look



it’s probably a lag issue; maybe try changing how death is dealt with (if you can)


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I could try, reproducing it. Could you please send me the source code in a message?

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Okay, so after looking at the code @gautam was correct there isn’t fixing to it. Although, it’s caused from the invincible “Preston” it seems to be that Preston had crashed at the time while dev3x was trying to kill him. Which is also called “Critical Process Died” This has been happening to different web apps.

Oh but I’m pretty sure preston is a bot how can he crash?

Bots can crash, their codes can fail mid-game

Well that’s a serious issue :grimacing:

what kind of “crash” do you think it might be? Something to do with the code or something out of our hands?

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I’m not sure, but I’d check the bots codes again and just make sure they’re fine.

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@gautam I’ve also been working on a skin for I really hope you’ll like it I’ve been working on it for a whole week.

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And just fyi I didn’t kill Preston I just found him there after I killed someone else


I have 3 images of this happening for me lol

It’s preston :o