Please type in some challenges here

Am bored:|
My only rule is the challenge’s can’t be impossible.

Hey i got some challenges, i told u in the game but i’m telling u again. Some challenges i have in mind are probably 100 kill challenge( bread might be doing this, i’m not sure), most amount of the coins collected. I will tell u if i have any more challenges in mind.

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100% accuracy challenge.

You have to reach 100k coins, but your sword has to be 100% accurate. Every swing should either hit a player, or a chest.

If you miss once, you’re disqualified.



1000000 coins challenge

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get 100k, but you cant see your health bar. tape a piece of paper or something over that spot on ur screen.

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There might be one slight problem with that one cause every time that I level up my health bar is also gonna get bigger soooo ill need to do some measuring but over all ITS MY MISSION TO COMPLETE UR CHALLENGE dev3x >:D

So HARD aye >:)
reality probably gonna have to restart a few times

HAHAHAHEHEHE! get measuring!

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30k in 20 secs?

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Good luck, ur gonna need it :slight_smile:

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get 10k, but you cabt get hit a single time. if you do, you have to start over

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lol did it but ummmmmm forgot to take the pic XD

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:open_mouth: wow

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I have notice that when you kill someone big they drop about 20k-25k so idk if thats possible

i can confirm this

When you have just logged in, go up to the player with the most coins and take them down.
Rule: No getting any coins before hand

I’ve done it before so it’s possible

This is gonna be ez

look before and after
Screenshot 2022-06-19 at 9.39.30 AM
Screenshot 2022-06-19 at 9.40.27 AM