People who should move up from each trust level, in my opinion

You can’t just get sent up you need to be more active and do things to move not just here you go move up to the next level (im salty also pretty true words though)

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i know

Ik the real reason coder made acol mod. @gautam remember?

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What was it?

I wont say it, itll raise anger within the community


Is it to test us to see what we all are like and how we would react to someone out of control being a menace sry acol your most of the time cool

Ull never guess

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I think it is you won’t tell for all we know I just did so yea

Wait, Bread is tl3?


Yeah it’s bread he used to be more active

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I was “mad” cuz I just wanted to lose my status, fr I hate to be moderator leaning on my expereince of 1000+ discord server and democracy

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How can we be a staff member?

You have to get recommended by a mod/admin, so try to be active and nice.

Thanks to TGFB, i know for a fact that Harsh wont recommend me out of spite T.T

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Eh, you’ll get there eventually! You’re a model regular on this forum

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wb me?

What about me?

welp this was a while ago before u joined PiStringTheory31, i was moved up a trust level afterwards

Before I left and then came back you mean.

i dont mean to be rude