People who should move up from each trust level, in my opinion

Leader, AKA Trust level 4, to Staff: Codergautam(lol), maybe Dev3x and harsh
Regular, AKA Trust Level 3, to Leader: Bread, just bread, maybe hamm but she’s too new.
Member, AKA Trust level 2, to Regular: Yours Truly, Frager, Acol, Doomslayer.
We will not speak of basic.
DISCLAIMER: I know that there is a set of rules, this is just for fun.


i’m a maybe!!!


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Damn, am I only a basic? I thought we were friends Lew!

My tl is locked so no : )

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No, you are regular, but I think you should stay regular.

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dang acol, that sucks. Why?

Yikes, how?

Old drama that happened on summer, I may ask to unlock my tl but I dont really care

what about me

This isnt how it works…

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I know, It’s just my opinion.

We dont talk about you, spiffycayden

wdym? did i do something wrong

No, you are just basic trust level. It is a joke. We are still friends.

oh yea

been waiting for a while

I mean like staff isnt a tl. Codergautam is beyond tht. U dont have any idea of how the system works rn

Acol is fun but when he was mod :grimacing: so member is good for him

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I was mod for 1 day, I dont even remember what happened in this day.

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If I Remember you where kinda mad and I think threatening bans

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