People these days eh

CHeating? ncheatong

2 accountsScreenshot 2022-09-19 5.35.39 PM

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Not cheating it’s just 2 different people logged into the same account

He probably shared his password with a friend or has 2 tabs open

@Acol right?

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i was confused he keep being like god mode on 3 account i was like how was he playing on 3accounts at the same time loll

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He or she) my bad

so far there isnt an account join limit so you can just open a new tab and play the game with the same account lol

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@Sketchxcoding Where are you from?

Earth :smiley:

Im joking, i’m from New York

Oh okay u just wrote “)” i though you speaking russian

Oh did that on purpose because it said “there was already a title for this name.”

I mean this like " : ) "

Oh, i forgot to add the other parenthesis