Pancake! [skin]

Hi guys!

Skin name: Pancake
Price: 50,000
Desc: Pancake your enemies!
I haven’t made a skin in a while, and I want to get back into skin creating. This is my firs on in a while. I hope you enjoy it!

Which one do you like better? The first or second?

  • The first one!
  • The second one!

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Sword (1)

I got rly lazy with the sword lol i can fix it if this will be added…


hey there! Would you like me to make you a better sword?

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yes fork pls

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alrighty then! :smiley:
I’ll be done in about a half hour.

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Took a tad longer than I expected, but turned out really good! Here you go :slight_smile:
Fork (1)
Tada! It’s a fork/knife combo! If you don’t like the combo I can always remove the knife.

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what’s the colors at the top / bottom?

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butter and syrup

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Oh, that makes sense.

I’d say the second one, because I’d rather have it be 1 pancake, than 3 pancakes.

what do you think of my sword?

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I like it!
As good as the skin, which the skin itself is great!

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@ManagePasswords do you like it?

could u remove the knife

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Do i like it? Gud question

The middle one

new fork

Ty @ManagePasswords is you add this use frumpys fork