Oh zarooma u better start farming

I am just 700k xp away and 3 places away…u better start running…

good luck getting more xp than me in a day…

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W dragon lol

oh and also how do u reach trust lvl 3 just be very active on forum? ii can do that but i usually dont spend much time on here

Yeah, pretty much. You have to have been here at least 100 days I think.

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Oh dang it I’m at my grandparents and then I’ll be in Georgia your goons make me grind once I have more then 2 bars of data


And as for xp per day that is ezzz I can make 1 mil xp per day



im going for assasin skin and im getting it before february

Ha I’ll get it first then (:

Infinity battle

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yes…but i never said when im just getting it before…

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How much mony do you have?

100000000000M Coins

Lol be more active and MAKE MORE POSTS

Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm interesting

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In a row?

You have to be here for like 50 out of 100 days. I think. Check this. Understanding Discourse Trust Levels

Wait there’s a lounge?!

No I think coder could make a channel but he doesn’t

Aww man