Oh noooo (show max ping here)

I had 500k once I tried to ss and it did not work… I just crashed

just saying you know ping is bad for your computer not tryin to flex that you have more ping than other people

Actually its not how bad your computer is it’s how bad the server is… But your computer could still have a play.


I think this is the first ever quadruple bumped post.

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Wouldn’t that be the oldest post that still hasn’t been closed?

Yes. This is it, I think

My highest ping was like 700 how do you guys get so much ping

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Highest ping was in the 1000s

Skill issue :sunglasses: get gud lol nub nub imagine I am just too good :sunglasses: :call_me_hand:

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Got a few thousand ms ping once

But there is one place that has the worst ping:

McDonalds boi

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I should try to play from there and see how bad it gets.

Opera Snapshot_2023-05-26_091214_swordbattle.io
I got to 9000 but couldn’t get a screenshot so here

its way, way worse on mobile

ive had over 50k
ill see if i can get a screenshot

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