OG Swordbattle Footage!

So that’s why the bots never throw swords

what’s roaching?

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Yess the map was smaller it got bigger on the warrior update and knight and rook and vampire and i remeber me hoping on after school playing with bread or manage and coder would play to a lot back in the day bro good old time :face_holding_back_tears:

bots never throw swords even rn they still dont throw

bro i even remeber space wanst a thing u use ur mouse or touchpad if we wanted to play they could here the touch pad and we get in trouble :skull:


actually there was one single day where bots could throw swords… and they could evolve and break chests!


roaching is when you are small but you spam click big players to death

ik im saying that’s why they don’t now, because they were programmed before throwing was added

It where you would pretty much phase into someone and spam click them

Yes sir I would be spamming the touchpad when there was no click cooldown lol

I remember the Ukraine ages…

don’t you still
I’m sorry pls don’t kill me I have artophobia

U played swordbattle when it was old?

She did yeah
She’s the one who introduced me to it

I know this is off topic but nobody is answering in general anyone wanna play rn?

Yeah so I found it out bc of my friend that sent me a proxy via replit and I just found it, I think it still was the kaboom gamejam, I made an ACC like 2 weeks after I started


Also there only are small chests

I remember that
When I came back for the first time I was confused

i played in the easter update when the coins we easter eggs :slight_smile:


I saw him once only :frowning: time zones suck man