OG Swordbattle Footage!

I was looking through some random recordings I have and guess what I found! I found a really old video of me playing swordbattle. You can tell how old it is by a few things. For one, I don’t throw any swords. This was a time before swords could even be thrown. Next, the evolutions only go up to berserker and tank, not any further. Lastly, you can tell it’s old because I sucked at pvp.

This took soooo long to make because the video was literally 250MB and I had to compress it like 5 times.


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Also you can see the old collision hitboxes that allowed for easy roaching… :smiling_imp:

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The map looked so small back then. I remember when we all chose Beserker over Tank. A lot has changed…

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Lol I was going to say when I saw how the hit boxes where roaching was still a thing plus the glitch that if you just spun your character inside someone and they spin to you could go really fast me and tosti once did it across the entire map we probably spent way to long perfecting though

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Now i challenge you to find real old sb fottage before accounts perhaps???

Ngl I had a photo somewhere with this exact thing but it gone now ):

Goes to archive.org




I was about to click link but now I’m having second thoughts cause of how long it took you to type that……

Wow maybe I will click link

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Is it like this?
maybe here?


Nothing here but paranoia

Ah yes the Europe server when there is only one bot good times!


So that’s what swordbattle used to look like.