Ocean Skin? (Credits to _MV_Frumpy🔥)

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resized skin

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The sword could use work I think

ye im tryna get the handle to look right

The design of it is a little confusing, are those bubbles in it? Also what are the orange things?

they’re fish and bubbles, yeah

Does that look better? @Octopi_Slapadabass
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A little, yes

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final version?? @Octopi_Slapadabass
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wow, I love what you did to this version, It could use some shading though

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it’s crazy how subtle shading can make it look so much better lol @ColoredHue
ok this is the final final final version
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Looks really cool!

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final skin + sword together (sword by me, skin by Million Jelly)
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I’d rather have the skin be an actual circle, sword I don’t care about, but the skin should be a circle. It’s good besides that.

meh, it’s close enough
also are you disrespecting my 27 minutes of hard work?
:boom: :gun: :neutral_face:

You didn’t make the skin.
I Am complaining about the skin.
Thus I am not disrespecting your work.

you said you don’t care about the sword :neutral_face:

No I said I don’t care if the sword is directly a sword shape.