"No" skin

@Liam_Butler i have already made this skin so whereas I have made this it is copyed whither u knew it or not this CASE IS CLOSED

you are not my least fav the other dude is

): not even top 5

You might not understand but I befreind my eneamys

ok well then make me top 10

i am ur top 1 right hon

i love the sword concept so maybe make some really coll skin with that sword not even a no skin like a jouster or a fencer

I like it. Try making a red version of the design

he did

A red version of second design

oh ok

Sad I love naruto

same who doesn’t @codergautam am i right

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shh dont agree with the peassentdsss

eh i dont like it much

Good job! Post in post skins topic

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btw attack on titan is best


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