Next skin release

Ik a lot of u r mad bc ur skin didnt get in last time. This is essentially bc as soon as i got the release date,i started formatting images. Once i finished formatting, i stopped taking in new skins and i just ignored them.

Bad news: next release date it confirmed. I will start filteering skins and correcting them. Hopefully this will be done by this week. Once i finish, i will again ignore new skins.

Just made this announcement to tell yall to suubmit wht u want quick and make any changes asap.

The next skins release date is:
Still a secret :wink:


cosmicwarlord do you work for the game?

I love the realese time thx for the specific info lol

Yes. I am an official dev. I add skins tht r submitted. I am completely in charge of skins and all skin related things from, desc to price to deciding if theyll make it or not

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what is cosmicwarlord is the game?

Im sry wht?

My bad lol

Cosmics user name in game is just cosmicwarlord

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we dont call him warlord because hes bad at pvp

cosmic dont click it

I did lmao. Andim pretty gud according to general consensus…

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lol what does andim mean?

And im vucuv

How do we know if our skin will be added?

Cosmic is good

You don’t. you just need to deal with the suspense

If u did not add to post skins then it wont be added.
If u added before and its not there anymore, wont be added. U can dm me asking or ask on the topic of the skin

ok fine

This forum is honnestly disappointing

@codergautam i downloaded and checked the size for 63 images and have to resize 26 off them. It hurts just to think about it. Can u imagine/feel my pain?

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Yikes sry about that if I see some I’ll resize them now