New to the forum

Yep spot on here follow me and I’ll follow you

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Especially between me and potatolord

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Yea or someone gets mad

When me and potato fight it ain’t that bad

done and done.

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Been done lol

who are the best coders here i like coding top 5

haven’t seen that get bad

codergautam is in first

me and potato don’t fight lol

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Well coder of course ipaddy is good bread+butter those are the good coders I know

top 5 best

I don’t know the top 5

neither do i

swordbattle top 5? easy!

Acol angel dev cosmic and bread of course and me 40 places down

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and me 30 past that

In a certain thread, she animed all over the place and we had to move it to pms

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ok (stupid limit)

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this popped off