New Skins!

I have been working on two skins in what I am calling the bakery set. The first is a cookie skin, with a cookie body and cookie sword. The second is my skin, the bread skin, and it has a cinnamon roll as the body and a baguette for the sword.
Here is the cookie skin:
bread skin
cookie sword
Here is the bread skin:
bread skin
bread sword
All images are the correct size. The bodies are 300x300 and the swords are 260x280.


Nice. He should put it in soon. Also, if he makes our skins cheap…

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awesome! looks good!

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@codergautam check this out!

These look awesome @bread !


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Looking good I will add these

can you make some skin more expensive, they’re all so cheap rn. I mean, if they cost more, people will play more to get more coins to buy them. (Ig I’m also saying this cuz I have 11m coins laying around but thts not the point)

Ok i will make some expensive skins

yay, also dont make mine and bread skin cheap where angel is 500k

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so transparent is no bg?

yeah basically

Why does the Tank look like a shell

How to make a sword