New Skins

I don’t know how hard it’s to make skins, but some new skins would be cool. Suggestions:


  • Ninja
    • Sword: katana
    • Maybe 750,000 coins
  • Black Knight
    • Maybe 2,500,000 coins
  • A Mummy
    • Sword: A scroll
    • Maybe 25,000 coins
  • A guy with Headphones on
    • Sword: Keyboard on a stick
    • Maybe 75,000 coins
  • Skins dedicated to other people like
    • Manage Passwords
    • Bread

I think this idea would be too hard make, but maybe a custom skin. You could create a tab right below and skin tab and name it “Custom skin”. You could also have each options a certain amount of coins.


  • A hat on or off
  • Designs
    • Tie-dye
    • Checkered
    • Stripped
    • Flowers
  • Different colors

Amount of Coins:

  • A hat: 100,000 coins
  • Each design: 50,000 coins
  • Each color: 10,000 coins

Interesting suggestion!

Perhaps, we could create a community skin library on a separate page where users can download different skins to upload?

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Ya! That would be cool. Then, maybe you can pick your favorite skins for the next update or something like that.


I like these, I might add a page like that later but right now just upload your skins as a new topic

definitly add the dark night

or like a baguette

I would love to buy more skins!


could we get like custom skins for like kills-so how many times we ■■■■ someone we get a skin

i like the ninja idea! very creative.

maybe add a test area where u can upload ur skins and you can play with it but other people will not have/see it in shop