New skins release

Good job on keeping the upper class happy @codergautam , i feel bad for the poor people though

Congrats @Dragon_Lord , you’ve made the most expensive skin

if I bought it, y does it say 0 buys

@codergautam y haven’t you added the scorpion, soldier, or tiger skin?

my skin is still cheaper than every other player who got their skin added

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Or demon (he said he would add it) or fixed fox sword (ahem)

Rip bread, i love ur skin if it helps

@ANGEL how much money u need for dragon skon

yes, i’ve been asking! tiger skin is mine

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My skin is the cheapest aka neon my man

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there could be 2 reasons why it didnt update… 1 is that you didnt reload your page after buying, sometimes you have to do that if you have stupid wifi.

the other reason is that gautam needs to fix his database because it didnt get the response >:)

ok i dont actually know im just guessing based off what I experienced when I used to host @CosmicWarlord

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no actually if you close the shop and re open it it will say

it’s just that the buy count doesn’t increase automatically every time you load the shop it checks how many people bot it

i will fix that later


Hold up where is the new fox sword?

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Dude I’m sorry I’m just trying to balance out the skin prices to keep everyone happy

I love your skins too!

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bro smn else took that and changed everything

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