New skin

Can we have a tiger+Kitty skin? that would be cool

lets see

are u and kitty have some relationship?


XD you have to be kidding me sea

what is it with sea and shipping people. NO PUN INTENDED. @ANGEL remember his last ship?..
also, isn’t a tiger a cat…
plus WHY IS EVERYONE GETTING A SKIN. not that I care…


nah, im just joking, and i’m just “curios”

hey i need to think again about u

maybe i will try

kind of. we are friends. i dont know what kitty looks like or anything. just met on you can put the pic you sent me. i love it

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tiger is a big cat but not exactly a cat

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A tiger ia qcat…
Alao @Sea you already made aship for me :frowning:

@TigerLizzy This is me & my sister

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Nah this is yall


@FishyMine Lol, that’s kinda old.

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I still like it :sob:

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loool looks like my cat


Want to play?

wait ill play with you after 30-60 min ok? i dont have time right now :slight_smile: