New Shop Sign (Because old one ugly)

New skins sign

I know it’s pretty basic but compared to the other one:


There’s no competition. The Pink pixelated sign is ugly compared to the simple wooden one.

I did try to make it fit in with the rest of the buttons.
(Like the settings and login buttons)
But I couldn’t find the font and i’m not an artist.

Anyways, what do you guys think?
Is it good enough?


i think the hanging supports would only look good if they are attached to the top of the screen

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yea, luckily they would be if it were added

(It might need to be moved up a little but that’s easy to do.)

then remake the all of the logos

but they look good tho, it would be a waste of time ;/

Heres what it would look like in game:

Doesn’t look too bad imo
(Just a little out-of-place)


It looks fine.

I like it. Just remodel the whole page and use ur own font. And plz center the swordbattle sign

maybe shrink the sign a bit and move it in to the corner a little mor and it will look perfect

its size is the same as the old one so the hitbox isn’t off

why does the old skin logo look like it was made from - an app to create sprites

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I wanted to try but it didn’t turn out the best

If this is alright I can try improving it


looks good!
(Just a little low res and no words, thats all)

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Idk how to add words but I will use affect or brush tomorrow thanks!


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