New Game Mechanics, Abilities, or Features Dump

If you have any Ideas for abilities, or any of the things listed in the title, dump them here and hopefully devs might take notice :slight_smile:


I will add my own personal idea, Each skin has a certain ability, for example, Vortex can shoot lightning bolts that deal damage over time for 2 or 3 seconds, There will be a 15 - 20 second cooldown for this though because this wonโ€™t replace the throw sword mechanic. Or another skin idea could make the angel skin much faster for a duration of time with a small wings animation propelling the avatar through the map.

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interesting in concept, absolute hell to balance well.
(also check out my idea dump for things similar to this thread cough cough)

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thank you (cough cough)

No because then players who have played for long will have a better advantage.

/i want the game to be balanced no matter if you have an account or have played a lot

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but older players are more skilled vough vough

not always :slight_smile:

Mostly. I mean there are exceptions like youโ€ฆ