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As other people have said:

We should have a birthday feature! It should be a one time thing where you can enter it in settings (only the day and month) and on your special day you get a full cake (compared to the slice for an anniversary). What do you guys think?

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Would it be kinda creepy tho, also what if ppl keep changing their bday to today they would get infinite cake


how? i’m not saying that you have to enter the year or display your age. also for your second point that’s why I said it should be like a one time thing you can’t change afterwards


Fair point, but…

A. It’s virtual cake. Not like coder has to pay for it, also there isn’t really a benefit to doing this.

B. It doesn’t have to display the year, just the month and date, meaning your age is still anonymous.

Just my thoughts! Ribbit! :frog:



That would be cool!

@gautam ?

added! Ribbit! :frog:


…It’s weird when you say it.

Is that really how I sound?

How do you enable it?


Manage why?

Yes it is

Takes more storage and cause lag

Oh ok you had an actual reason

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