New Evos Look Kinda Nuts

There’s a lot more than I expected :open_mouth:

If you want to check for yourself go here


I’ve been exposed

Also wth is archer god I thought this was swordbattle not bowbattle

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@Frumpy you need to revive wiki and add these new evols

He shoots swords duh

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Oh right :skull: That makes a lot of sense archer shoots swords :laughing:

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@gautam you should change bodybuilder evo name to Juggernaut, bodybuilder sounds out of place.

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Whats a juggernaut


Annotation 2023-05-26 122618
Looking at its stats looks like it fits pretty accurately as well :smiley:


@gautam wait, so will there be a third tree for evos? or are these just branching off tank and berserker?

Ok I’ll rename it



So I gotta remake this then?

There aren’t really trees anymore its just one big messy pile of roots :cactus:

Just keep it same I think it would still fit the description

Gotcha btw “juggernaut” almost finished

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Finally a good update :star_struck:

what, so the profile views weren’t?

I mean it’s okay but it didn’t add any real content to the game


New swordbattle update releases

Normal people: Let’s go finally new content to make the game actually fun

Acol: Let’s go finally I can have a tiny flag next to my name