New devil skin?

The devil and fox swords are the same, so I made a new devil sword, and remade the skin, too.

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Nice. The sword especially. You didn’t need to make a skin but it’s better than three og

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Will be added

i just like the normal devil better

HOW DARE YOU? Waaaaaaa

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the normal devil looks…

Actually can the name be something else like Fire monster or smth like that

balrog would be cool or smth

demon, brother of devil skin

wht abt sword and fox sword tho


devil and fox sword are still same, wht to do abt tht

ill make a new fox sword ig

i do like mana- i mean cosmic’s suggestion of demon

do u want to die?

maybe i want to fix the sword

? also dev, add this demon skin to the compilation


can i fix that

When someone makes a fox sword make a new topic pls, thanks!